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My Videos


My Name is May Khen and I'm a 26 year old video editor from Tel Aviv, welcome to my website!

My big love is music so I love to work with everything that connect between video, movement, music and rhythm.

I love finding new ways to tell a story and and see myself filled with passion for the MAGIC that can happen in the editing room.

When I'm editing documentary films, that is when I feel the most powerful. As a documentary editor I have built the entire story, just like a big puzzle. I start by organizing all the pieces I have and understanding what is the right place for each piece and piece.

Working a lot with beat and connecting between movement in the frame and the music. Thinking outside of the box is critical in order to keep bring new feeling, as the footage is very repetitive.

What I love the most about animation is that great feeling I get by creating something completely from scratch.

Working in Ynet between 2013-2014 I was responsible for short clips, magazine features, and news segments in a very demanding pace and strict deadlines.

This is where I did my 2 years of military service as an editor, working mainly on documentary, news and short clips.

164 Arlozorov St. 

Tel Aviv, Israel 6209835


May Khen//מיי חן

Film // Video Editor//עורכת וידאו וסרטים

Premiere// Final Cut Pro // Avid

AfterEffects // Photoshop

Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or at my studio

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